What is silk, probably knows everyone. Silk is not just a fabric - it's a whole culture, the history of which is more than one thousand years.

The owner of expensive adornment, in all senses of the word, is necessary to know and observe simple, effortless and extra expenses recommendations for the care of silk flowers handmade:

  • Keep in a dry place in a special package box.
  • Keep away from water and fire.
  • Keep away from moisture and dust
  • Use only manual, dry cleaning, using a soft bristle brush
Do not recommended:

  • Wash
  • Wear them in rainy, wet weather
  • Do not pull the accessory underneath  the garment.
  • Do not blow perfume on the accessory

If  you follow the simple instructions for the care of silk flowers, the success of your pleasure from the  adornment, you have acquired, admired gazes and complements is guaranteed to you.

 Made with love from millinery „Flower  Atelier”

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